SILC Houston

The Houston chapter of the Sustainability Investment Leadership Council (SILC) is chaired by Michael Kraten, PhD, CPA. Dr. Kraten is Chair of Accounting, Finance, and Economics programs at Houston Baptist University, Director of Accreditation for the University's College of Business, and Professor of Accounting.

Dr. Kraten is hosting a series of webinars for SILC regarding the adaptation of business practices during (and, looking forward, after) the coronavirus pandemic. He is also arranging for guest speakers at these webinars to join Dr. Kraten as he hosts and presents a "Business Survival Practices" series of webinars for the Houston CPA Society.

Helpful links include:

1. The New York chapter of SILC, i.e. the national coordinating chapter of the organization.

2. The global blog of SILC. Dr. Kraten serves as Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of the blog.

3. The Houston CPA Society. Dr. Kraten is an active member of the Personal Financial Planning Committee of the Society, and the developer and host of its "Business Survival Practices" webinar series.

4. Houston Baptist University. Dr. Kraten chairs its Faculty Learning Community on Sustainability, and its Graduate Certificate Program on Sustainability.